Dingus Khan Can!
posted on 3rd December 2011
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a stormtrooping Label Fandango one sheet




The Record Company: LABEL FANDANGO

The Catalogue Number: GALAGOS 036

The Release Date: MARCH 5TH 2012

"Rising like a behometh from the sludge of the Stour Estuary, Dingus Khan are exactly what you'd imagine a band with a name like Dingus Khan to be. They consist of one, two, sometimes three drummers to keep your heart beating. Three bass players to keep your feet tapping. A singing guitarist to melt young girls hearts. And an electric ukelele demon just to keep you on your toes. Let Dingus Khan play their rock and roll music my boy, and let them play it Hard and Fast. Then Slow and Steady. Then Hard and Fast."

In a sane world our esteemed Label Fandango press release would end here. Or rather, there at the end of the previous paragraph. Alas this is not a sane world. If it were, Dingus Khan wouldn't need to exist. Mad worlds, professional pride and the demands of standard A4 dimensions therefore mean that we have to elaborate on Dingus Khan's very own manifesto. And so we shall. Slow and Steady.

In essence then: Dingus Khan are from Manningtree, where the North of Essex becomes the South of Suffolk. At full throttle they number eight (that's E.I.G.H.T), including (deep breath) Ben Brown (lead vocals / guitar), Josh Court (electric ukelele), Tom Armstrong (bass), Adam Toms (bass), Alex Dunne (bass). Nick Daldry (drums), Paul Miller (percussion) and Gareth Burney (percussion). Apparently they have issues with turning down hopeful musicians.

The first time they played Club Fandango was in late September 2011 at the Buffalo Bar. The stage could barely withstand their multi-limbed gymnastics. The underground venue could barely contain their thunderstruck combination of pop melodies, punk instincts, progressive dabblings and choreographed dancing. The singer could barely look more like an enraptured Gazza if he tried. Or indeed cried. At the end of 29 minutes of frankly mental sonic outpourings we felt obliged / compelled to offer them a Label Fandango single release. So here it is. And what does it sound like? Let us return once again to the wisdom of Dingus - aka www.facebook.com/dinguskhanband like this... "There is a new exciting music being made, with subtle harmonies and fierce grinding dischords, A music so powerful that it would drive us mad if only our ears were tuned to the sound of it."

Wise words, in so many ways¦


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