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Felt Tip Keep Things 'simple'
posted on 15th May 2014
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a herky-jerky fierce panda one sheet

The Band: FELT TIP



The Release Date: JUNE 9TH 2014


The Tracklisting: 1 ‘SIMPLE THINGS’. 2 ‘HOW DO I FEEL’. 3 ‘NO IDEA’. 4 ‘I DON’T EVER’

The Truth: FELT TIP are from East London, via several corners of the earth. They consist of James Tyler (vocals, Cambridge), Anton Trampon (guitar, Toulouse), Tom Rapanakis (drums, Bromley) and newcomer Jade Spranklen (bass, Enfield). On June 9th they will be releasing an EP of four brand spanking new songs, including quite-literal-live favourite 'Simple Things', and on June 3rd they are headlining their very own special launch party at White Heat in Soho, West London.

Felt Tip onlookers could well be aware of Jade from days of yore - as well as bass-playing for Whinnie Williams she is the enigmatic heroine on the train in the terrific video for debut single 'Love Or Pity', which came out at the end of 2013. Jade had a fairly gentle introduction to life on a Felt Tip tip as her first three shows were supporting Broken Records at the Seabright Arms, playing at the Club Fandango Easter Monday all dayer at the Shacklewell Arms and then opening up for The Crookes at Dingwalls - all of which happened in one fortnight in April.

Such is life with Felt Tip, the leftfield souls standing quietly in the corner of the party and modelling the snazzy trousers. Over the past six months their 'Love Or Pity' and 'Milk & Honey' singles both have chewed through the wires of the BBC 6 Music transmitter, with a thoroughly impressed Steve Lamacq praising the quartet for their sense of dignity, in both the musical and sartorial senses.

Now 'The Felt Tip EP’' - their third release - sees Felt Tip step right up to the radiophonic plate. For a start it comes with its own fake start a la Franz Ferdinand. For a second it segues into the kind of Friday night indie club funkdown Orange Juice would have poured out if they lived in the Old Blue Last instead of on Postcard. Not for nothing did Vice premier the single on May 2nd with a headline hurrah of “British indie rock lives!” and the lament that “Nobody does spry, herky-jerky, faintly melancholic indie rock like the Brits”.

Come check out some of that herky-jerky melancholy at these Felt Tip shows here:

JUNE 3RD LONDON SOHO Madame JoJo’s White Heat
(‘Simple Things’ EP launch party w/ HABITATS + COASTAL CITIES)

JUNE 18TH LONDON HOXTON Bar & Kitchen (Artrocker New Blood 2014 Summer Sessions w/ THE BRAWLERS + YOUNG ROMANCE)

JUNE 20TH LONDON CAMDEN Black Cap (Camden Crawl CC14 fierce panda show w/ THE CROOKES + DESPERATE JOURNALIST)


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