Free Cd Ahoy! Take Bat And Party
posted on 14th December 2012
In December 2012 those furry cheeksters at fierce panda are celebrating reaching their 250th single release by coughing up a very special promotional ten-track EP called Take Bat And Party. Each track is lifted from one of the ten (yes, TEN!) albums the panda has released over the past twelve months, and the EP, which made its public debut at the recent Spitalfields Independent Record Market, will be given away to anyone who buys a fierce panda album between now and Christmas in the Fierce Panda shop. Or it can be purchased via mail order for ‚ ho ho ho - £2.50.

Because this special 250th release is called Take Bat And Party it comes with a picture of the fearsomely excellent Chinese table tennis player (ladies division) Ding Ning, who blazed a trail through to the Olympics final earlier this year. Obviously then the catalogue number is Ding Ning 250, and the EP is limited to 250 copies. Anyhooo, thats enough topspin ‚ here are those top tunes:

Enthusiastic emopop joys from Canadian quartet who released their Collections album on fierce panda / Alcopop! in November.

Frankly unhinged progpunk palavers from Essex octet who defined the phrase ?ìBlur-meets-Slipknot¬ù with their Support Mistley Swans album in October.

Gently wayward post-punk kinetics from Artrocking trio whose Dear Shareholder album fizzed up February. Nowadays EIOH singer Charlie Boyer is making further waves with his Voyeurs.

4. HATCHAM SOCIAL Nicola Tells Me
Sweetly woeful emoting from London four piece whose About Girls album fluttered its raw rocking-and-rolling indiepop eyelashes at the month of April.

5. HAWK EYES Sky Spinners
Face-punchingly hectic metal urgings from Leeds quartet whose Ideas album marched through the Ides Of March and into the warm embrace of KKKKK reviews across the land.

6. HEY SHOLAY The Bears, The Clocks, The Bees Heroically cavalier psychout scoutings from gently bearded Sheffield quintet who released the (((o))) mini-album in September.

7. THE CROOKES Where Did Our Love Go
Raggedly emotional New Pop knowingness from smooth faced Sheffield quartet whose Hold Fast album ‚ their second ‚ jollied up July. Expect a tour with Richard Hawley in early 2013.

Sprightly sub-tropical indie slinkiness from Norwich quartet who have become a trio since the release of their second album Soap in January and the departure of singer Katie.

9. THE TENFIVESIXTY Its My Life Compelling cover of Talk Talk classic by intense boy / girl Yorkshire duo who, along with 29 other acts such as White Lies, King Creosote, Goldheart Assembly and various bits, bobs and indeed Jasons from the likes of Arcade Fire, Grandaddy and Bon Iver, contributed to the Spirit Of Talk Talk tribute compilation in September.

10. ULTRASOUND Sovereign
Admirably overwrought cosmic rock rompings from indieprog dreamers who vanished off the radar in the outer space of 1999 only to reappear 13 years later with Play For Today. The protracted second album was released in September 2012. If they manage a third by October next year the gap will be a mere thirteen months rather than years. Fingers crossed¦
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