Taxi Taxi!
All Hail Taxi Taxi!
posted on 12th August 2009
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We are exceedingly pleased to announce that Swedish desolation angels Taxi Taxi! are joining the panda fold for the release of their heart-rending debut album 'Still Standing At Your Back Door' on October 12th. Fans of Belle & Sebastian and perilously stripped down folk pop should most certainly not avoid looking at the press release here...

**Still Standing At Your Back Door is the debut album by Taxi Taxi! It consists of ten hauntingly upbeat and sweetly vulnerable songs composed and played almost entirely by twin sisters Johanna and Miriam Eriksson Berhan, who were born in Lulea, Northern Sweden, on January 16th 1990. This means they were roughly four years, one month and eight days old when fierce panda released its first ever single.

** By this point the sisters musician father and children-bookstore-keeper mother had moved to Stockholm. At the age of 9 they began to play music together for the fun of it. By the time they were fifteen they had two songs up on myspace and national airplay in Sweden. Aged 17 they released the six-track Taxi Taxi! EP ‚ produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, himself and John infamy ‚ and earlier this year Taxi Taxi!s Step Out Into The Light EP saw the download light of day.

** Throw in the odd breathlessly received festival appearances at Roskilde and Hultsfred and it becomes apparent that Johanna and Miriam have squeezed an alarming amount into their nineteen years. Add in the fact that the aforementioned Step Out Into The Light EP featured their take on Daniel Johnstons True Love Will Find You In The End and it becomes apparent that we arent talking about getting your average teenage kicks here.

** Which brings us neatly back to Still Standing At Your Back Door and its ten tracks of heartbreaking simplicity and searing melodic honesty. Taxi Taxi! have already been described as ?ìmesmeric¬ù, ?ìghostly¬ù and ?ìbittersweet¬ù and for sure here are two people lurking at the dark folk end of the street, fragile of voice, gentle of guitar, sombre of mood and minimalist in structure. Expect a hushed kind of magic when Taxi Taxi! hit the road later this year¬¶



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