The Molotovs
Molotovs Shake It Up!
posted on 23rd June 2009
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Impeccably mannered Londoneers THE MOLOTOVS consist of Will Daunt (vocals / guitar), Henry Walton (guitar), Dom Millard (keyboards / guitar), Iain Lock (bass / sax) and Guy Henderson (drums). These five multi-tasking gentlemen have spent much of their spare time over the past six months in a room at the Fortress in Old Street, old London Town, frowning at their many instruments and dabbling with the lightest of melodies and most fragrant of guitar lines.

Now that the sun is (occasionally) making an appearance THE MOLOTOVS are moving out of the rehearsal room shadows and setting themselves up for a summer of fun by appearing at Glastonbury Festival on Friday June 25th and releasing a six-track mini-album entitled And The Heads Did Roll on fierce panda on August 17th.

Along the way they will be headlining the Club Fandango BMI sessions and supporting fierce panda mgmt stable mates The Ruling Class at the 100 Club in July, as well as hosting their very own record launch party at the Lexington on August 14th ‚ fulsome details below.

And The Heads Did Roll features debut 7¬ù single Flowers, which came out on Cool For Cats late last year, and imminent follow-up Come To Grief, due to be released as a download single on fierce panda on August 10th. The full track listing is: 1) Come To Grief, 2) In Conversation, 3) Citys Guest, 4) Flowers, 5) Far Cry From Love, 6) One Up On Me.

This we reckon equates to twenty minutes worth of top notch articulate tunesmithery which nods knowingly at the cultured perambulations of NYC ghosts such as Vampire Weekend and The Walkmen while also following an eloquent home grown guitar-pop lineage which runs from The Smiths to The Maccabees, all recorded on a budget of five shillings and a can of Fanta. But dont just take our word for it ‚ let your dogs run free here, here and here¬¶


THURSDAY JULY 2ND: LONDON Great Portland Street 229 Club Fandango BMI sessions (+ Dimbleby & Capper + Goldheart Assembly)

TUESDAY JULY 21ST: LONDON Oxford Street 100 Club (supporting The Ruling Class + The Tamborines)

FRIDAY AUGUST 14TH: LONDON Pentonville Road Lexington (mini-album launch party)

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