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posted on 6th May 2009
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Hot news, kiddoes! Due to extraordinary recording commitments (more info soon) Hatcham Socials forthcoming headline show at Londons Kings College is being moved to Wednesday October 28th. Apologies for the complications, not least for ticket holders, and for those of you bewilderfuddled as to why the new autumnal date is so specific the October 28th date will be tied in with the release of a new single. More news when we have it.
In the meantime everyones favourite indie funbags will be hosting a special Hatcham Social single launch night at ‚ ahahaha ‚ The Social in big London Town on Thursday June 11th. Details are sketchier than a Raymond Briggs doodle but keep at eye on www.myspace.com/hatchamsocial for further ticket and line-up details. The Hatcham Social Social. Youve gotta laugh. Anyhoooo, the single being launched is Crocodile, which is now out on June 8th. And here is the press release for it...

a glowering inferno of a fierce panda one sheet




The Label: fierce panda records

The Catalogue Number: NING 222

The Release Date: JUNE 8th 2009

** They don't make them like this anymore. The well-scrubbed Londoneering indiepoptastic quartet Hatcham Social still consist of Toby Kidd (vocals / guitar), his brother Finn Kidd (drums), Dave Fineberg (bass / vocals) and multi-tasking new boy Jerome Watson (synth / guitar). Over the course of 2007 and 2008 they released four limited edition independent singles, compiled one mini-album cassette, played over 150 gigs (including selling out the 100 Club) and enraptured countless music lovers with the sort of charmingly jagged old school alternative stance several of us thought had been destroyed forever by the corporate indie boomtime of the early noughties. Not only that but Hatcham Social threw poetry and children's literature into the mix with a panache which would thrill any passing Lewis Carroll fan.

** As far as building foundations go those years were extremely well spent, as 2009 has seen the quartet embark on a frenzy of activity. Already Hatcham Social have played prominent slots at the Pandamonium and Artrocker new year events, appeared at the end of Push and the launch of Sidewalk, supported The Walkmen and The Maccabees and had a complete blast at SXSW alongside Glasvegas and Black Lips and, yknow, Echo & The Bunnymen. Oh, and in March they released their loooong awaited debut album You Dig The Tunnel, Ill Hide The Soil which was Album Of The Month in Artrocker, got 8/10 in NME and received a critique-busting 10/10 from Vice magazine. People quite liked it.

** Crocodile is the second single to be taken from You Dig The Tunnel¦ following the springtime 7 release of Murder In The Dark. Like much of the rest of the album it is intelligent, literate guitar pop with a zing and a zip thanks to the production work of Tim Burgess and Jim Spencer and a dark wee underbelly courtesy of Hatchams quietly macabre outlook on life and its eternal mysteries.


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