Fierce Panda
We Have A Winner?
posted on 28th April 2003
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After weeks of head scratching and chin-stroking the crack A&R department of fierce panda / temptation records has finally chosen a winner for its demo competition held back in February 2003. Flummoxed by the splendid quality of the noises squeezed into the deluxe demo box it was finally on a blustery Sunday evening in North London that the A&R crack squad plumped for the demo by CABLECAR.

This may or not be because it reminds us of Roddy Woomble from Idlewild singing something broody and great from - ooooh - 1984. Whatever the CABLECAR noise certainly fits the panda / temptation bill in terms of a) tunes b) intelligence and c) that essential something which is just a-wee-bit-different- to-everything-else-going-on. They will have a fierce panda single release later in 2003.

Still many thanks to everyone who participated in what we hope didn?t turn into any stupid scrum. Particularly hearty cheers go to the other nine bands we managed to shortlist from the original ninety to the crackling mournfulness of MUNTER the huge stoned rock vibes of OVERREAL the minimal electronic grooves of SICKSOUL the itching reverb-tastic pop of HEALEY 3000 the Suede-snogging-Interpol swagger of SEROTONE the cosmic angst of THE BENDAY DOTS the epic palpitations of REDJETSON whose Pieces Go Missing track crept towards the eleven minutes mark the cheeky old school indie dramatics of KINESTHESIA and not forgetting the bellowing rage of STAR-SHAPED CREATURES who not only had the only cassette in the last ten but also gave themselves a very fair crack of the whip by sending in flyers for their gigs featuring Maisy The Mouse playing bass. And a dog playing piano.

Happy days in so many ways?

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