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The Bakers Arms Dozen - The Winners!!!
posted on 11th November 2007
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October 2nd 2007 saw the release of a download-only album highlighting some of the recent delights in the panda kitchen called 'The Bakers Arms Dozen - A fierce panda Collection'. 13 fortunate pop tykes are getting their paws on a special promo cdr version of the album and Neil Marsh Jonny Hall Shanna Isaacson Dave Ashworth Zoe Lee Mark Waller Chris Furse Ian Jones Ian Davis Declan Doherty James Ward and Paul Mitchell will all have some panda tunes to whistle while they are Christmas shopping. One Helen MacBain meanwhile is getting the full panda monty with a compilation and thirteen fierce panda albums to squeeze under the chrimbo tree. In case you were wondering 'The Bakers Arms Dozen' brings together 13 tracks and armed with a super modern catalogue number of NONG 50DL the noises look very much like this: 1. SHITDISCO 'OK' 2. YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE! 'Monster' 3. DEAD DISCO 'Automatic (Indie Disco Mix)' 4. ART BRUT 'Moving To LA' 5. THE MACCABEES 'Bicycles' 6. THE HOT PUPPIES 'The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful' 7. COLDPLAY 'Brothers & Sisters' 8. MY ARCHITECTS 'Lists' 9. APARTMENT 'Everyone Says I'm Paranoid' 10. iLiKETRAiNS 'Terra Nova' 11. MAKE GOOD YOUR ESCAPE 'Out Of My Skin' 12. THE BLACKOUT 'Hard Slammin'' 13. CAPDOWN 'Keeping Up Appearances' Better still here are some excerpts from the press release to explain what the blithering hell we are going on about. The Story: rather disappointingly the phrase 'Baker's Dozen' doesn't refer to any bizarrely-proportioned baking tray which allows 13 doughnuts to be arranged on it instead of the regulation 12. In fact if you really want the truth from the worldwide interweb It is widely believed that this phrase originated from the practice of medieval English bakers giving an extra loaf when selling a dozen in order to avoid being penalised for selling short weight. Fascinating eh? Probably although our research did lead us to a trade guild called The Worshipful Company Of Bakers which is nice. And here comes the weakest link: a very long time ago Simon Panda - founder member of fierce panda records - once had a Saturday job as a baker. At a bakery. At the Baker's Arms in sunny Leyton East Londonshire. ** And as your man Neil Young once almost said Crust Never Sleeps. So put three and three and seven together and you get 'The Baker's Arms Dozen' thirteen lustily iced tracks from the modern day fierce panda boulangerie delicately and tastefully arranged so that they roll from dirty indie dance through to indierock melancholic pop sombre post-rock and finally upwards and sideways towards bloomin' loud metal. Thirteen songs carefully kneaded together to celebrate fierce panda's thirteen years of seismic melodic rumblings in the bloody great big ovens of oblivion. ** Avid panda spotters may care to note that 'The Baker's Arms Dozen' is our 50th album release and as it features at least nine tracks which are taken from other recent fierce panda album releases we might just finally lay to rest the myth about fierce panda being nowt more than a skanky singles club nurturing future mortgage rock millionaires. And for such a special release landmark what better time to dive into the murky world of cyberspace and make this album download only? None more better that's what. And not only can you download the thirteen tracks listed above but you'll also get classic panda album artwork as well acclaimed videos from SHITDISCO iLiKETRAiNS and YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE! Better bread than dead say us...
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