Medium 21
Temptation Tour + Competition - Win A Record Deal!
posted on 13th January 2003
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February 2003 sees hotly-tipped new label Temptation Records embark upon a national tour with its first two signings THE RAIN BAND and MEDIUM 21 co-headlining fifteen live dates. To celebrate not only will the first fifty people to arrive at each show receive an exclusive free CD featuring a track from each of the bands but also legendary sister label fierce panda is offering a new band the fantastic opportunity of becoming The New Coldplay by winning a record deal. To enter this competition all any aspiring musicians have to do is come along to one of the Rain Band/Medium 21 shows and drop their CDR or cassette off in the demo box which will be positioned on the merchandise stall. The box will be at all fifteen shows and at the end of the tour will be transported under lock and key to the Temptation/fierce panda headquarters in Holloway North London. The A&R team will then diligently play each and every demo handed in on the tour a winner will be picked and that act will be granted the opportunity to release a one-off single on fierce panda for which fierce panda will pay all recording manufacturing and marketing costs. The one basic rule is that by hook or by crook the demo must find its way into the demo box. No matter the quality of the entries someone MUST win this competition ? the catalogue number has already been designated for the release. Check the gig guide for a full list of tour dates or go to www.temptationrecords.co.uk
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Tom Hickox
Tuesday 16 Sep
Tom Hickox
@ The Portland Arms, Cambridge
Tom Hickox
Friday 19 Sep
Tom Hickox
@ Music Hall, Ramsgate
Tom Hickox
Sunday 21 Sep
Tom Hickox
@ The Greystones, Sheffield